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3 Stages of music make sure you visit every area.

FREE water throughout the event next to the entrances.

Seats available at every picnic table

Medicated Barbies VIP.

The event will also feature a glass blowing competition and live demonstrations. The contest has no entry fee and there will be three different competitions with themes chosen by the public. Participants will have 5 hours to create their best work. 


General Admission

Fast Pass

Disabled or Disabilities with placard or disability cards


FREE General Admission 18+

*MUST show Valid Photo ID + Valid Medical Recommendation*

Doctors will be available to issue Medical Wristbands.

The 3 stage areas require medical wristbands.


Thank you everyone for another amazing year. I can not believe how much we have grown. From 1,300 people in Van Nuys to 50,000+ at a National Venue. The love and support is unreal. This year we will be having amazing music with 3 different stages, Art is Life, Glass on Glass, Ring of Fire, Skaters Paradise.

Local Hip Hop acts.

Live Bands from Reggae, Rock, Latin, and Comedians.

Medical Kingdom: Companies like Vader Extracts to Medicated Barbies

VIP viewing from Advanced Nutrients.