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Designing Better Customer Experiences: Featuring Heather Haselwood and ME!

This seminar is an intro to Customer Experience Design (CX) concepts for entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry.

About this Event

Learn how customer experience design (CX) applies to the cannabis or hemp industry. We're just starting out and want to be able to keep teaching you rad CX concepts, so the ticket price of $20 goes directly towards covering the cost of the event, hosted by ParagonSpace.

This interactive seminar will help you understand how to start mapping your unique customer journey. Do you know what your complete customer journey looks like from beginning to end? Do you know when in the process your customers are the most frustrated? Do you know at what point in the process your customer is most likely to walk away from you?

After this seminar you will understand how to talk about designing your customer experience, and come away with concrete steps to better understand your audience. Look forward to more seminars in this series!

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Topics Covered:

  • What is CX?

  • How CX is different from marketing

  • Know Your Customer (Customer Journey Mapping)

  • Strategy Building


6:30pm: Doors open, please arrive before 7pm to check in! You'll also be able to explore the ParagonSpace campus.

7:00pm - 7:30pm: User Experience and Customer Insights with Liz Whiting of Daily High Club

7:30pm - 9pm: Cannabis CX Seminar
 & Workshop with Heather Haselwod of Smolder



1461 Tamarind Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90028