Living in LA opens you up to just about every massive event that takes place. Ever. This past weekend was no exception with the All-Star weekend in town. T B H - I had no idea what that was or that it was happening until a friend invited me to the Adidas 747 Warehouse Street event. 

I could go on about how it was a GENIUS marketing campaign or how I left early and missed both my FUTURE CRAFTS 4D and Kanye. womp. But instead I'm going to let you watch the MOST awkward exchange between Cari Champion, Pharrell and Damian Lillard. Cari, who was HOSTING the #TLKS brought up her and Damian Lillard's Twitter beef MULTIPLE times until they actually addressed the situation. This then led to the most cringe-worthy moment I may have ever witnessed between insanely famous people happening in real-time right in front of me.  

Elizabeth Whiting