Take me to new places.

Show me incongruous faces.

Lace their stories through mine. 

Highs of sharing laughs

Over bottles of wine 

Lows of empty promises

“I had fun, see you next time”

Replaced by that one - 

“I want you in my life.”

Foreign lands -

Shouting “who’s mans” in Croatia.

Never thought I'd see 2018

In Chandler, Arizona.

Red Rock mountain peaks  

Defined my mental skyline for weeks.

Here and there -

Finding myself more and more, 

Scared of being so self-aware at 24.

Mistakes brought on trials 

And tribulations. 

Epitomized soured relations. 

Growing pains had me realize 

More permanent replacements. 

Manifest destiny?

You ask if I miss the old me. 

I say I’m ok -

With my reality these days.

My new Best Coast label 

Hazey under the red glow 

In the City of Angels 

Elizabeth Whiting