REVIEW! Gold Flora Chemdawg

Gold Flora is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for a more elevated approach to smoking! Gold Flora has had me hooked since trying their White Gold CBD ratio edition. Their Black Gold edition in Chemdawg absolutely sealed the deal. Their vaporizers are disposable and super sleek. This isn’t your average disposable vaporizer! Each edition features gold hardware and respective black or white packaging with gold text. Seriously, take this out at a party to share - if you dare! Total showstopper! It’s all the glitz and fun of a pricey vaporizer without the cost or permanence of a more expensive device. 

I love this hybrid Chemdawg strain because it’s simply a classic. The indica body buzz and sativa cerebral high make this the perfect blend for relaxed yet euphoric effect. There is still a deliciously pungent and terpy taste that I didn’t find too “perfumey.” I find this to be a way more potent high in comparison with other vapes! 

The battery lasts over a year and is CCELL powered. It’s a buttonless pull which I love - super user-friendly! Bonus points? It’s recyclable. YAY ENVIRONMENTAL LOVE! 

Their Black Gold edition comes in 6 strains so you can always smoke in style no matter what effect your heart desires. 

Their oil is naturally CO2 extracted which is a process that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull the desired compounds (such as hemp or THC) from a plant. The FDA has even labelled CO2 safe for other industry extractions over more controversial methods that are butane or propane-based. The result is a beautifully refined amber-hued extract. Refined oil will ultimately be higher in cannabinoids compared to a raw extraction and will provide the user with a more “intense” high. 

Each vaporizer is 300 mg so it is less than your standard gram or half gram cartridge. To my knowledge, Gold Flora is not a white labeled brand. The ongoing operations at Gold Flora Farms are a true feat in the industry and current environment. They have an entire cannabis campus in Palm Springs! They are fully licensed and also house other viable brands and entities on their campus that strategically and legally make sense. 

Their 620,000 square foot state-of-the-art grow facility is where all the magic happens to create the premium brand and product you use today! 

You can shop with me this Sunday at Erba! More details in the invite below!