She's really Bizzy at NYLON

I didn’t get dressed like this to go unnoticed.
— Liberace

While NYLON traditionally references New York City and London, the legendary pop-culture publication has made a new home for itself in Liberace's former penthouse in Beverly Hills. The office houses NYLON and two of its brands Simply and Socialyte.  

I waited for gold-clad elevator doors to open. “What floor was NYLON again?” I asked. I was nervous. My boyfriend-turned-photographer for the day gave me his infamous smirk/eye-roll combo and motioned to push the button. Of course - the former residence of Liberace would only be in the Penthouse. 

As we stood in the dark and ornate elevator, I was in awe of the detail. Was this seriously NYLON’s new LA headquarters?! 


Heavy metal doors opened to a chic reception area. I immediately noticed signs from NYLON’s most recent media empire acquisitions brightly lit but *gasp* the infamous pink neon was missing. Lindsey Cook, Simply’s Editorial assistant, met us and quickly explained away the mystery of the missing NYLON sign. We were informed it hadn’t made it back from their party in NYC. Liberace would only be proud. 


While the NYLON name is almost 20 years old, the publication has consistently maneuvered to maintain relevance in our new fast-paced digital age. And the new space speaks to their growth. 

The brand is an agile force. Notably, one of the first publications to abandon the traditional print ship in trade for a completely digital presence. As Cook pointed out the Hollywood sign and jewel toned furniture, I could see why they were happy to make this their new home. 


Liberace's former party palace was completely dominated by women. Something I think everyone would be surprised by ... Between welcoming the new brand extensions and their Cinco de Mayo party favors that were up, they are no strangers to the icons’ party-centric lifestyle. Cook apologized away streamers near the pool but it was the cherry on top of my cake, personally. 

Cook brought us through the historic bathroom completely covered by mirrors, a glass-paned sitting room and offices that would make the most avid Pinterest-pinner drool. 


Light poured through the floor-to-ceiling windows as we made our final stop on the grand tour. Women were finishing up their pool-side lunch as Cook showed off the best part of the former performer's digs. Crystal blue water matched with an unparalleled view of the Hills made for a breathtaking end to a whirlwind tour. 


You can check out the full gallery below! Learn more about NYLON Media and their 360-degree portfolio including NYLON, their editorial platform as well as Socialyte, a creative full-service influencer and content marketing agency and SIMPLY, an agency joining together industry leaders and hopefuls through various partnerships and media strategy.  

Elizabeth Whiting