She’s Really Busy RN Crafting Hydrodipped Incense Holders 


One of my biggest pet peeves? Incense ash. I burn it all the time and I’ve tried paddles, boats and even boxes but it always seems to find it’s way onto my back bedside table. It drives me nuts. When I started searching for a mess-free option, I saw concepts I liked but couldn’t find any designs that spoke to me. 

Thus, a project was born. I have already been painting with acrylics, messing with different pouring mediums and paint application. This overall journey has been an amazing reprieve from screen-time! Is there time in your day you set aside to purposefully be off your phone, laptop, tv, iPad, Kindle, (OMG I AM SCREAMING INSIDE), etc?

I started researching how to create my own incense bottles. As I wound my way down a very new rabbit hole, I found all the materials and great how-to’s. I’m a total noob at the entire process so this is just how I did it! I’m sure I’ll be adding more as I continue my experiments.


Empty wine bottle 

Spray paint 

Two deep storage containers with closure 

Paper towels 

Wire hanger 



Glass drill bits 

Epoxy Resin

Hanger clips

Bronze Leaf

Gorilla Glue

Summary of steps 

First, get a bottle and determine how many holes you wish to drill. Use a thin piece of wood to drill a hole as your guide. This will help you make clean holes in the glass. Hold the glass and wood under running water while you create the holes. Push down through the guide into the glass.


Next, prime the bottles with a white primer spray paint. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area. Use a clear space or put down trash bags to cover the area you do not wish to get paint on. I use one of the storage containers to spray them. I also squeeze the edges of the wire hanger and put it in the bottle to be able move the bottle around without touching it. When you squeeze the wire through the neck, it expand and holds it in place when you release it! 

After the primer dries fully, fill one of the other containers. Make sure the container fully covers the wine bottle. On my second try, I filled with hot water. I believe this keeps the pattern better and there was less dripping paint. Spray the top of the water with the colors you wish to use. I also use the hanger to dip the bottle once I have the desired color and patterns. 


Dip the bottle slightly to the side so you are not pushing it straight down. Once the bottle is fully submerged, move the remaining paint around on the surface so it doesn’t stick once you pull it out. I use the other empty bucket to set the bottle down into. I then seal it and let it dry. If there are some drips, you can pat it off with a sponge or damp paper towel but I have yet to do this for fear of messing up the pattern. 

Once it’s all dry, I flicked white paint onto the glass. Once that was dry, I coated it with bronze leaf and flicked a bit more white acrylic paint on. I then sealed the design with an epoxy resin once everything was dry. 

For the cap, I used bronze leaf as well to cover it. I glued a clip to the cork and then sealed over with a bit of the epoxy resin for extra strength. 

Now, let is cure for 24-48 hours. Voila! Light your incense and enjoy. 

Elizabeth Whiting