East-Coast native Elizabeth Whiting, affectionately known as Bizzy, is the Head of Marketing at Daily High Club and enjoys blogging, photography and freelance writing. She graduated from University of Maryland in 2014 with a major in Communication and a minor in Journalism. After school, she went from desk job to running her own social and creative company Fanfare Creative in Washington, DC. After a huge decision, she took her career path across the country to work full-time with an exciting new brand, Daily High Club.

At Daily High Club, she wears many hats! Her main focuses include aggressive influencer marketing, email marketing, social media curation, content creation and creative direction. Through her work at DHC, she has been able to continue her advocacy for recreational and medical cannabis use from a unique position. Ever since she was diagnosed with Endometriosis, Bizzy has used cannabis to treat Endo symptoms and wishes for this treatment to be accessible to all women. She moved out with the DHC team from DC to LA and has been making the new city her home quickly. In her spare time, she loves photography, fashion and getting to know the sites. Bizzy is excited to participate in the immense growth at Daily High Club, learn more about her new city and can't wait to see where life takes her next! 


I had to take a serious step back.

How was I providing value? 

I wasn’t. 

Framing my lifestyle a certain way became exhausting. I was unrecognizable to myself. 




No more.